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An Awesome Finale

What a great ending to a memorable series. This installment is my personal favourite. The frame by frame animation is solid and some of the effects, such as the fire, are astounding. You've done a good job putting this together and it has been great watching it. The ideas with you come up with for how these characters will react to the Windows desktop and apps is very clever and often humourous. The choice of sound effects is done just right and it all works smoothly. You've left the series on a high note.

What I dislike is watching some scenes and feeling like you could have done something better than what ends up happening. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I just feel like something else would have worked out better. This isn't really your fault and could happen with any flash. Another small problem is that the art isn't complicated. You're just using stick dudes and they're rather easy to animate. You have certainly done it well though and of course you wouldn't stray from the original installments and go without stick dudes. It just wouldn't feel the same anyway. Overall, this is an incredible accomplishment and I have really enjoyed watching this along with the rest of the series.


This was very interesting and unique. I like that you've done something rather new, even if you may have been inspired by a similar artist. I personally haven't even heard of the artist you mentioned. Some of the art is very well done here. The way you just poured what you were feeling on to this is admirable and it's something a lot of people can't do well. You've even included a few humourous parts. I was thoroughly entertained.

What this could have used was perhaps a bit more time. Although there was some great art, in other sections of the flash it was lacking. Some parts seemed to have rushed art and it seemed you couldn't think of ideas for a few parts and what you included in those parts was a bit boring. Just a still image with lines animating from it wasn't the greatest decision. Maybe if there was more animation in each part instead of just drawing a still image I would have enjoyed it more. You've still done a great job and you should be proud of it.

Decent Job

You've done a good job animating, especially at 12 frames per second. I couldn't believe it when I saw the specs at the end because most animation looks quite bad at this setting. I did chuckle a couple times, but for the most part I didn't find it incredibly funny. The flash is original and I appreciate you not taking all of your ideas from other sources except yourself. You did throw in some references to pop culture, like the hairflip, and you pulled that off successfully.

I didn't laugh at the main joke of the flash and that brings it down for me. There wasn't really enough humour for me to personally enjoy it. I think you would benefit from working at a higher frame rate, changing up the stage size to widescreen, and perhaps asking some of the wonderful voice actors on Newgrounds for some voice acting help. The voice acting in this flash wasn't as enthusiastic as I felt it should be. Another issue I had was the art being very bland. It didn't have a lot of detail and although you may have put lots of effort into it, I felt it didn't show. You've got some talent, but this doesn't live up to its potential.

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I got bored with this very quickly. It is extremely simple and gives me no reason to continue after my first death. The least you could add are some power ups or weapon variety. I just can't see myself tapping Z and moving up and down in a straight line while hard to hit objects come towards me. It's just the same thing over and over.

I tried to enjoy it, but I find no appeal in this game whatsoever. The concept is lame and unimaginative. I've played this type of flash game many times and I've seen it done better, but they're usually just as boring as this one. You need to come up with something interesting and something a unique. At least borrow your ideas from games that are actually fun.

The art was also very boring and proved you don't have much to show yet. You should work on your skills for a while before you release another game.


I'm watching you.

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Awesome Work

This was very well done. I was expecting some poor singing, but your voice is very professional. The background music that starts up at 1:51 is poor on the quality side, but still decent. It definitely doesn't ruin the song though. The only way of improving that I can think of is using the full power of your voice and really screaming into that microphone. I understand it could sound a little weak because of the mic quality or even my speakers. I should also touch on the fact that the writing was done really well. I know you can write well because I see you in the Writing Forum, but I thought I should add that this particularly interested me. Great job, and all that jazz!

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks :]

Yeah, there are some sound quality issues. Now that I listen to it more closely, yeah, the volume on the chorus could be upped a tad. I might fix it or I might not due to laziness, but I'll keep it in mind to watch out for that in the future.


It's even better with vocals :D
Yay Spencer! xP

MyNamesInLights responds:

poop :)

Good Job, my friend.

Spencer, you did a fantastic job putting this together. I give you 15 thumbs up.

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This is my new favourite out of the calendar submissions. Very unique and pleasing to the eye. Also makes a good desktop wallpaper. :)

I May Be The Only One...

... to understand your Of Mice and Men joke.

Honestly when I saw the title I didn't think you could be referencing the band. Didn't think it could possibly be true. But it is.

Anyways, I really like this piece. Loving Batman gives you some extra points here!


Gave me an eyegasm!
It's now my wallpaper for my iPod :D

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:


thankyou! :D âTM¥âTM¥âTM¥

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